Herding and Raising Up The Next Web3 Unicorns

Established prior to 2017, Coins Group composite Crypto Hedge Fund and Web3 VC coupled with all-around Incubation, Building, Acceleration capabilities. Our focus is 3 fold – Discovery, Investment, Partnership. We pride ourselves on our track record of discovering, investing in, strategically partnering alongside the most innovative Blockchain and Web3 projects on a universally impactful scale that evolve into quality Digital Assets that withstand the test of time.

What defines our unique Paradigm is our ability to conduct deep research to discover high potential Founders and then go beyond investing in them, even supporting them pre-launch and beyond (with our combination of Expertise, Experience, Industry Resources and Global Networks) – all of which increase our Founders’ and Partners’ chances of success. We then take this to the next level with a combination of Go-To-Market Savvy, Strategic Advisory, and Network Resources, as well as leveraging synergies and cross pollinating amongst our other Strategic Partners, Portfolio Companies, and Value Add Investors.

We know the Future is a combination of Human, Tech, Algorithm, Automation, and Technologies yet unborn (aside from the requisite Probability Analysis, Statistical Charting, Strategic Diversification, Risk/ Reward Ratio, Systematic Risk Management – that characterize typical Fund and Portfolio Managers) That’s why aside from looking far ahead into the future and investing in new ventures, our Hedge Fund also applies a powerful, yet dynamic and flexible, mix of strategies, macros, deep insight, and more to achieve regular sustainable returns in the volatile Cryptocurrency markets, through in-house proprietary trading Technologies and Team.

When our Founders and Stakeholders win, we all win; and it is with this underlying ethos that we strive for a collective win across the board for not just our Portfolio and Partners, but the Ecosystem at large.

Our Work & Investment Principles

We are Human. We are Geography, Sector, Coin, Chain, Metaverse agnostic. We put Humanity first.

We aim to surround ourselves with those we can learn from and grow together with. Those who are lifelong learners will be the ones who will contribute value long past their lifespans. Learners who are dynamic, flexible, and above all humble, can quickly identify and discern true paradigm-shifting movements and opportunities earlier and before the rest of the Market follows. We strive towards truly recognizing and polishing up unrecognized gems and nurturing baby Unicorns, beyond following short-term or shifting ever-changing industry trends.

Our Partners and Team all abide by one of the most famous Tao-ist principles and Bruce Lee quotes “Be Water, My Friend”. Water is the strongest element – able to evolve, adapt, flow into others as energy and a lifeforce, to literally take the shape of whatever container or vessel or being it enters. Whatever the situation might be, we will be able to change and move with the times. To be one with the Tao, is to understand that we are all the same, with the same matter flowing through our veins. We believe that to be brave is to pick peace over battles, to realize that your own greatest Enemy is the Self. By flowing with others, we are truly able to achieve more together for the Community (spirit of the TAO)

We Prize Partnerships; We are fully cognizant of the adage that one person, one team, one company alone, cannot accomplish everything alone. Thus we operate with a relationship-first, putting partnerships first mentality. We work with the best minds and mindsets globally who can apply a hybrid Entrepreneur, Investor, Creator, Builder, Engineer, approach from the best communities, metaverses, blockchain protocols globally.

The new Internet we are all building together and building upon is a decentralized one that is built on Community, Metaverse, Blockchain Protocols, powered by Coins, NFTS, digital assets generated by Miners, Creators, Traders, Investors, Engineers all alike with backgrounds in Web2 and Web3. We are actually born of a Web2 world, so to ignore our own collective origin and History is to ignore the lived experiences and our own foundations. Thus while we all envision a smarter, personalized, private, fair user experience empowering many of the new denizens and including more communities access to new infrastructures, middleware and applications, we must remember we are building the burgeoning new Web3 together, out of our collective Web2 History and experiences. It’s through acknowledging this and our own Human and Technological history that we succeed to create this newer, smarter, Web3 together for our Communities as it’s yet unfolding.

We can get the greatest Returns only when we invest in Founding Teams with core values aligned with ours – Integrity, Honesty, Accountability, Passion, Quality and Teamwork. It’s as simple as that. It takes the right People to create Impactful Solutions at scale to solve for the Universal Challenges we are all facing today in Web3 and beyond. The Right Founders are intrinsically able to attain The Right Returns.

Some of Our Portfolio

Our Incubation Matrix

Investment & Advisory • Exchange Listing & Liquidity Strategies • Fundraising Intros to Strategic Partners • High Touch Investor Relations (UHNWI, Family Offices, Institutions) • White Paper, Roadmap, Business Development Deep Dive • Cross-Pollination Portfolio Synergies • User Acquisition and Conversion Formula • Community Engagement; Virtual, Meta, IRL Experiences • Holistic Branding, Creator, Media Placement Strategy



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